Pakistan Political Parties

There are several political parties in Pakistan who will participate in the 2018 elections. In addition, different independent candidates will also try their fortune in the upcoming elections. PMLN, PTI, PPP, MQM, ANP, PMLQ, JI, JUI-F, MMA, will be the main parties in the election.

PMLN is the top winner of elections 2013 and is currently governing Pakistan’s National Assembly. The party is facing a difficult political situation from a few months but it has still support in the public. PTI emerged as one of the leading political parties of Pakistan when it got second position in the elections 2013. Imran Khan and other leaders are hoping for a massive win in the elections 2018. In 2013 elections, PPP suffered huge losses of seats in Punjab. However, Bilawal Bhutto will contest the election and the party is heavily relying on him to bring votes and support to the party. MQM is facing a great political turmoil as it already broken into different factions. Political analysts believe that MQM could survive in elections if all of its factions are reunited.