Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz

Pakistan Muslim League (N) is Pakistan’s leading political party of Pakistan. The party won majority of National Assembly seats in 2013 General Elections. The party emerged as the dominating party and formed government for next 5 years. PML (N) has strong hold in Punjab province, where it has huge vote bank in the constituencies of NA-76, NA-21, N-110, NA-116, NA-120, NA-117, NA-125 to name a few. PML (N) was led by Mian Nawaz Sharif earlier until he was disqualified by SC. The new President of Pakistan Muslim League (N) is Shahbaz Sharif, Chairman is Raja Zafar ul Haq, Spokesperson is Talal Chaudhry, and Secretary General is Ahsan Iqbal. PML (N) was founded in August 1988. PML (N) has successfully formed its government three times in the history of Pakistan Elections, respectively in year 1990, 1997, and 2013. Nawaz Sharif, leader of PML (N) became for the third time Prime Minister of Pakistan for the first time in the history. This page offers you list of the national assembly seats won in the General Elections 2013. You can even check out the poll question and can participate online.

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PML-N History

It was Pakistan Muslim League, founded in 1962, as a successor to the previously disbanded Muslim League, and gained the (Nawaz) or (N) in 1993 for its leader, Nawaz Sharif. A Pakistan Muslim League (J) was formed in 1986.

PML-N Current Status

The Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) is a conservative, center-right political party in Pakistan, and it currently holds the position of the third-largest party in the Senate.

PML-N Address Detail

Address House No 20-H streets 10, sector F-8/3 Islamabad.
Tel No 051-2852662, 051-2852663 , 051-2852665
Email [email protected] , [email protected]