Political temperature in Pakistan is at peak, as the most anticipated Pakistan General Election 2018 is scheduled to hold on 25th July 2018. Pakistan Election is held under the supervision of Chief Election Commissioner of ECP. In a broad overview, there are three levels of elections in Pakistan namely the Parliamentary Elections (Senate & Assemblies Elections), Presidential Elections, Local Government Elections. Read more


ELECTION RESULTS * 272/272 295/297 128/130 95/99 50/51
 Party Symbol NA PP PS PK PB
PTI 115 123 23 65 4
PML-N 67 129 0 5 1
PPPP 43 6 75 4 0
MMA 13 0 1 10 9
MQM-P 6 0 16 0 0
PML-Q 4 7 0 0 0
BAP 3 1 0 0 15
BNP 3 0 0 0 6
GDA 2 0 11 0 0
ANP 1 0 0 6 3
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ELECTION RESULTS * 264/272 293/297 125/130 97/99 50/51
 Party Symbol NA PP PS PK PB
PML N 129 214 4 12 9
PPP 34 6 65 2 0
PTI 25 19 3 35 0
MQM 19 0 37 0 0
JUI-F 8 0 0 13 6
PML-F 4 0 6 0 0
PPMAP 3 0 0 0 10
JI 3 1 0 7 0
ANP 2 0 0 4 1
PML-Q 2 7 1 0 5
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Election Results* 264/272
Party Symbol NA Votes %
  PPP 92 24.1%
  PML N 68 15.5%
  PML-Q 38 16.4%
  MQM 19 5.8%
  ANP 9 1.5%
  MMA 7 1.8%
  PML-F 4 1.4%
  NPP 1 0.3%
  BNP 1 0.2%
  PPP-S 1 0.3%
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Party Wins
blue PML-N 132
red PTI 121
orange PML-Q 7
green PPPP 6
purple Other 30
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Party Wins
blue PPPP 76
red PTI 23
orange MQM-P 16
green GDA 11
purple Other 1
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Party Wins
blue PTI 63
red MMA 10
orange ANP 9
green PML-N 6
purple Other 5
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Party Wins
blue BAP 15
red MMA 9
orange BNP 6
green PTI 4
purple Other 14
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Party Wins
PML N 240
PTI 19
Others 30
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Party Wins
PPP 69
MQM 39
PML N 11
Others 30
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Party Wins
PTI 34
PML N 12
JI 8
Others 24
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Party Wins
NP 7
Others 19
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Pakistan Election is the most trending topic on social media, and electronic media in the country. Debates, talk shows are being held on TV channels on Pak Election and prospective of various political parties and who is going to win in which constituency. Main political parties Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf, Pakistan Muslim League (N), Jamaat Islami, and Pakistan People’s Party are the centre of attraction.

Electoral system of Pakistan

Pak Election system comprise of selecting 342 National Assembly members using three methods. 272 members are elected in single member constituencies, 60 seats are reserved for females, and 10 seats for religious and ethnic minorities. The reserved seats of NA are represented with a 5% electoral threshold. This proportion merely based on number of seats won instead of casted votes. In order to claim victory with majority, a political party has to win 137 seats.

As a result of 2017 census, Pakistan General Elections 2018 will be held under new delimitation of constituencies. A notification is issued on 5th March 2018, which states that Islamabad Capital Territory will comprise of 3 constituencies, Punjab  will have 141 constituencies, Sindh comprise of 61 constituencies, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa comprise of 39 constituencies, Baluchistan 16 constituencies, and Federally Administered Tribal Areas will have 12 constituencies in the National Assembly.

In Pakistan Provincial Assemblies, Sindh will have 130 constituencies; Punjab will have 297 constituencies, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 99, and Baluchistan 51 constituencies.

Electoral Reforms

New electoral reforms are put to practice since June 2017. Economic Coordination Committee approved the procurement of new printing machines with a loan of 864 million rupees. New software has been developed for NADRA and Election Commission of Pakistan that can ensure a "free, fair, unbiased, transparent and peaceful Pakistan General Election 2018. The law about the new voters’ registration has also been finalized.  Youth reaching the age of 18 years will now be automatically registered as the legal voter, as soon as they apply for a CNIC from NADRA.

Position of PML (N) in Pakistan General Election 2018

Regardless of solid criticism of opposition and judiciary on corruption cases that resulted from Panama papers on PML (N) Leadership, the party still has a positive change to sweep the Pakistan General elections 2018. Nawaz Sharif has been disqualified by Supreme Court due to corruption charges, and this is when his daughter Maryam Nawaz took the charge to become the front face in the upcoming Pakistan Elections.

Pakistan Muslim League did not part up into groups nor did it crumple completely. It is still to a great extent flawless with the exception of couple of individuals from parliament who joined PTI. The strong hold of PML-N lies in Central and West Punjab. The political leaders from Southern Punjab are demanding for the separate province and it would be a challenge for PMLN to gain votes from the region. Currently, people are attending their Jalsas and meetings in a significant number.

Position of PTI in Pakistan General Election 2018

The prime opposition party Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf has publicly declared a war against the rule of corrupt leadership over Pakistan. They are the first ones to raise the motto of Change (Tabdeeli) and to change the corrupt system and make Naya Pakistan. The shapes of this change are as yet not engraved forcefully but rather one thing is sure that inside a brief timeframe they figured out how to get the creative energy of Pakistani voters. The PML-N ex leader Mian Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam Nawaz have been criticizing them. PML (N) also blames that Judiciary and Establishment are on PTI’s side and will assist them in the rigging during the Pakistan General Election 2018.

Election Result 2018

This page gives you detailed information about the Election results history and current situation of upcoming Pakistan Elections. You can access the details of General Elections of 2002, 2008, 2013 & upcoming Election Result 2018 when it is officially announced. We cover the election result 2018 of Pakistan Provincial Assemblies for 2008, 2013, and upcoming 2018 elections.  The top six political parties including Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf, Pakistan Muslim League (N), Pakistan People’s Party, JUI-F, JI, MQM are listed on this page. Catch the latest updates of Pakistan General elections 2018 as they happen in each province.


NA-24 Reviews
What u don't show me apml all candidates results
Zahoor Khan , Charsada Friday, July 27 2018

NA-21 Reviews
In Mardan, about Na21 very strange behavior is shown by both parties ANP and PTI that they are celebrating in opposition. One says Atif Khan won and the 2nd says ANP won....😂
Hamza Kalam, Mardan Friday, July 27 2018

NA-196 Reviews
Mian Mohammad Soomro won, dont spread fake news from Geo
Nadeem, Islamabad Friday, July 27 2018

NA-48 Reviews
I love PTI
Sudais khan, Dera ismail khan Thursday, July 26 2018

NA-144 Reviews
Wish you all the best Imran khan's for the next only prime minister of pakistan! Pakistan need also a good leader for making progress of him!
Muhammad saify , Depalpaur okara Thursday, July 26 2018

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