NA-26 Election Result 2024 Live Updates

NA-26 election result 2018 is not announced yet. 2018 NA-26 Nowshera-II election results and all national assembly results will be available here as soon as ECP announced the result. Also you can view the complete detail of NA-26 Nowshera-II, Constituency Report & live election results.

NA-26 Nowshera-II Election Result 2018 | National Assembly Halqa Area, Map and Candidates – Live Update

Pakistan Election Results Of NA-26 - 2018

Position Candidates Party Votes
1 Imran Khattak PTI flag 90256
2 Jamal Khan Khattak ANP flag 47132
3 Asif Luqman Qazi MMA flag 22777
4 Feroze Jamal Shah Kaka .. PPPP flag 9739
5 Sana Ullah Jan TLP flag 6496
6 Haji Nawab Khan PML-N flag 4052
7 Salih Muhammad IND flag 878
8 Muhammad Faisal Khattak TLP flag 631
9 Muhammad Tanvir IND flag 562
Reviews & Comments

May Allah bless the country with the elections. NA-26 and other districts deserve a new leader and honestly, I wish they become more honest.

  • By: Ibrahim, From: KARACHI
  • on 17, July 2018

I’m in the NA-26 and I sincerely hope that whoever becomes comes under this constitution should work towards planting more trees. We don’t deserve another heat stroke like this year.

  • By: Maria, From: ISLAMABAD
  • on 17, July 2018

In this election 2018, the constituency of NA- 26, PTI has a strong chance to succeed without any competition. I just hope ANP should not win here, and PTI should have majority of votes from here.

  • By: Harris Khan, From: Nowshera
  • on 16, July 2018

I have full confidence that Imran Khan from PTI will win this year’s elections, especially NA-26. The only thing I’m worried about is him getting martyred by some hooligan after he is done using him.

  • By: Mina, From: LAHORE
  • on 14, July 2018

I don’t know who to vote for honestly.. NA-26 is supposed to vote for PTI but I don’t have faith in any of the political parties. Sure, Imran Khan can be a very good prime minister. But what about his ministers?

  • By: neeha kamal, From: Peshawar
  • on 14, July 2018

Pakistan is our country, it’s time we take care of it by voting for the right leader. This goes the same for NA-26! I can’t believe how some people can still vote for PPP or PML-N even after their corruption.

  • By: Hussaina, From: ISLAMABAD
  • on 13, July 2018

It is kind of exciting and scary as well because last year, NA-26 got a bad leader and I’m hoping we can get rid of him so we can get a new leader pronto.

  • By: Jameel, From: ISLAMABAD
  • on 13, July 2018

People of NA-26 are hoping Imran Khan would still be the leader as Imran Khan promises a good future and I hope he better keeps the promise or else there will be nothing we can do. Pakistan will go to ruins.

  • By: Salman, From: ISLAMABAD
  • on 29, June 2018

We people of KPK and specially NA-26 Nowshera are proud people, we will vote for those who will give us our right!

  • By: Musa Rahman, From: Nowshera
  • on 28, June 2018

NA-26 Nowshera will see a tough competition between MMA, PTI, and ANP. Chances of PTI are little bit higher than other political parties.

  • By: mazhar, From: Nowshera
  • on 28, June 2018

Disclaimer: NA-26 Election result 2018 has been announced but is considered to be unofficial. We do not claim the authenticity of the results. Election Commission of Pakistan is authorized to announce the final result only.