NA-215 Election Result 2024 Live Updates

Find complete details of NA-215 Sanghar-I National Assembly Election Result 2013, Details of Candidates, Watch live courage, pre poll results & constituency report and previous results of 2002, 2008, 2013 of NA-215.
Also find the top parties contested from NA-215 which are Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians (PPPP), Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz, Mutahida Deeni Muhaaz, Majlis Wahdat- Ul- Muslimeen, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and other popular political parties.

Pakistan Election Results Of NA-215 - 2013

Position Candidates Party Votes
1 Nawab Ali Wassan PPPP flag 92138
2 Syed Ghous Ali Shah PML-N flag 56960
3 Qudratullah Rajput MDM flag 4625
4 Khair Mohammad MWM flag 1554
5 Nek Mohammad PTI flag 1400
6 Syed Sarkar Hussain Ree.. IND flag 687
7 Ghulam Asghar Rind MQM-P flag 622
8 Sher Mohammad Phulpoto IND flag 529
9 Munawar Ali Wassan IND flag 333
10 Tahir Imtiaz Phulpoto IND flag 220
11 Syed Babar Raza Zaidi IND flag 194
12 Abdul Jabbar Shaikh IND flag 49
13 Imam Ali Brohi PBP flag 47
14 Mureed Hussain Wassan IND flag 42
15 Mohammad Ismail Soomro IND flag 13
16 Mohammad Younis Ansari ST flag 13
17 Murad Ali Arain IND flag 12
18 Shafqat Hussain Bhayo STPP flag 7
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Disclaimer: NA-215 Election result 2013 has been announced but is considered to be unofficial. We do not claim the authenticity of the results. Election Commission of Pakistan is authorized to announce the final result only.