Awami National Party (ANP)

Awami National Party (ANP) was founded by Asfandyar Wali Khan. Find Awami National Party (ANP) ANP Detail Election Results 2018, national assembly Seats, Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan & Khyber Pakhtunkhwa KPK, FATA, News, Candidate names, Awami National Party (ANP) ANP Party Contact Information, Party Flag, Logo & Songs.

Candidate Contesting in Election 2018

NA-1 Eid ul Hussain
NA-2 Mumtaz Ahmad
NA-3 Abdul Karim Khan
NA-4 Saleem Khan
NA-5 Malak Imran Khan
NA-6 Muhammad Zahid Khan
NA-7 Nazir Khan
NA-8 Inam Ullah Khan
NA-9 Abdur Rauf
NA-10 Sadeed ur Rehman
NA-12 Misbah Ullah Baber
NA-13 Iffat Kulsoom
NA-16 Muhammad Irshad
NA-17 Erum Fatima
NA-18 Muhammad Islam Khan
NA-19 Waris Khan
NA-20 Gul Nawaz Khan
NA-21 Ameer Haider Khan Hoti
NA-22 Malik Aman Khan
NA-23 Gulzar Ahmed Khan
NA-24 Asfandyar Wali Khan
NA-25 Malik Jumma Khan
NA-26 Jamal Khan Khattak
NA-27 Arbab Tahir Nadeem
NA-29 Arbab Kamal Ahmad
NA-30 Muhammad Alamgir Khalil
NA-31 Haji Ghulam Ahmad Bilour
NA-33 Syed Haider Ali Shah
NA-40 Gul Afzal
NA-41 Gul Zada
NA-42 Nisar Ahmad
NA-43 Saida Jaan
NA-44 Imran Khan
NA-45 Farooq Ahmad
NA-47 Syed Basharat Hussain
NA-49 Jahangir Khan
NA-50 Muhammad Ayaz Khan
NA-51 Shahi Khan
NA-61 Muhammad Nabi
NA-93 Bahadar Khan
NA-155 Nosheen Afshan
NA-236 Syed Salim Shah
NA-237 Aziz Muhammad
NA-238 Shahi Syed
NA-241 Javed Zaman
NA-242 Noorullah
NA-244 Shazia Razzaq Khan
NA-245 Samina Huma Mir
NA-246 Hazrat Gul
NA-250 Shahi Syed
NA-255 Arsalan Khan
NA-256 Sofia Yaqoob
NA-257 Amanullah
NA-258 Abdul Razak
NA-259 Allah Dad
NA-262 Haji Nizam Uddin Kakar
NA-263 Asghar Khan Achakzai
NA-264 Gulam Muhammad
NA-265 Umar Farooq
NA-266 Allah ud Din
NA-28 Shafie Akbar

Winner Candidates of Election 2013

NA-1 Alhaj Ghulam Ahmad Bilour
NA-9 Amir Haider Khan

ANP History

In 1986, the National Democratic Party merged with several other groups to form the Awami National Party. Abdul Wali Khan was elected it's president and Sindhi nationalist Rasul Bakh Palijo was elected party secretary general.ANP is one of many leftist parties of Pakistan. The strongholds of ANP are in the Pashtun areas of Pakistan, particularly North West frontier Province. The party is one of the few political parties in Pakistan to conduct internal elections.

ANP Current Status

Awami National Party will strive for the establishment of a prosperous, peaceful and liberal society, which shall be based on the following fundamental principles:1. Democracy2. Guarantees for protection of rights and identities of all nationalities of the country and an unrestricted freedom for the development of their cultures and languages3. Freedom from external domination4. Freedom from sectarianism5. Social justice

ANP Address Detail

Bacha Khan Markaz,
Pajagi Road, Peshawar
PukhtoonKhwa (NWFP), Pakistan.

Tel No.  092 - 91 - 524 6851-2

Fax    092 - 91 - 524 6853

Email   [email protected], [email protected]